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Rage, psychic rage at that, alienates you from compassion. Compassion, for self and for others, is the doorway to accountability, expansion, and personal power. It matters that many of us who have been marginalized walk around hating our building blocks. I specifically want to talk about Black Psychic Rage.

Many individuals designated Black hold onto a psychic rage that many have been able to describe more eloquently than I ever have (Wynter, Fanon, etc. — feel free to explore). I can only speak to it from what I’ve seen in an interventional, highly spiritual space. I can make this much…

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Clients often come to me after or during a therapeutic journey that has seen them make some progress but not all of the progress they’d like. I’ve often wondered why this is, but I can recall my own therapeutic relationships and the dynamics therein. In my experience, while therapy illuminated patterns for me, it could also be a silencing container.

There is an aspect of therapy that hinges on the concept of “permission.” This can be freeing for some people, stifling for others. “Permission” can be permission to look at your life and indict what no longer functions for you…

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I, for one, am tired of “love and light” ideology. We come from as much darkness as we do light and something so primal it cannot always be called love. In the words of Joni Mitchell, “We are stardust. We are golden.”…

If you’re worried something will happen again, remember that you have to allow it.

“I’m scared it’ll happen again!”

How many times have you told yourself this or heard this from a loved one? While it is entirely reasonable to be trepidatious about experiencing a certain pain or inconvenience again, if what is on the other side benefits our overall good, we should not let that stop us. Most of us have an inner critic with a very big mouth. …

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Some folks will be envious of you not because of anything you’ve done but because of the choices they’ve made (or haven’t). Actually, that’s what it is 99% of the time; however, what I mean is that someone will be mad at you for going out and living your life because they made a choice that precludes them from some aspect of it.

For instance, I spent much of my life traveling. I was always somewhere. I was extremely fortunate because it allowed me to experience different sights, cultures, people, etc. People were always jealous. Most people were thrilled for…

For Breonna, Aiyana, Sandra, those whose names we do not know — for us.

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There is a rising tempest that will not be ignored. Our seasons of bitterness, of being honey-sweet in spite, will end.

“End this night, if it be Your will.”*

We are divine dust, alchemized into sentience. The black sky, the black infinity, the presence of all light, all color, all — all, just all — is us. You can escape eradication when you are infinite, and it burns the souls of those who are not. Those who see themselves as transient, disconnected, built to extract, built…

*As written for The Harambee Collective, August 2020*

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You already have your life. It was a gift to you from your ancestors. “Getting” is a ferocious alternative to aligning with all that is already in store for you. Black femmes are continuously told that we have to fight for everything — from recognition to basic care and consideration. This message is effective because it is not always verbal, it is communicated through our structures and built into our psyches. Here is your permission: you do not constantly have to be in fight mode, survival mode, or even active mode. …

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So, I went to college. There were times I wished I hadn’t, but not going was never introduced as an option in my family. I loved, and still love, learning, and I had large ambitions. I wanted to be a healer, closing the equity gap in women’s healthcare for Black women. I am a healer today, but not in the way I thought I would be when I was 17. That is okay, but how I came to it was not.

Amherst successfully shattered any dreams of medicine for me. The pre-med path is arduous at any college and students…

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Consider this my primal scream. I’ve spent years unpacking the traumas I experienced during my adolescence and early adulthood, and some days, I wake up in a room full of bulging suitcases. The difference is now I have the tools and the bandwidth to deal with the task at hand, and it is a fact that I would not have attained those things if I had allowed myself to be passive. I had to re-educate and re-orient myself, reckon with my own trauma. I’m an exquisite expression of the divine, which I had to re-learn. A major nucleus of trauma…

I am used to being in spaces that need me but do not want me. I am used to being in spaces that need me but do not want me. I am used to being in spaces that need me but do not want me.

My hottest tears come when I feel pain, grief, impotence, and rage all at once.

It’s not possible to have poured more love and affection into an unresponsive golem than Black Americans have poured into these United States. Over and over, we get the message that we are needed but not wanted. Needed, not wanted…

Keylee Miracle

Keylee is a writer, coach, and rabid Springsteen fan from Brooklyn, NY, dedicated to grounded high hope.

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